Milkeaters Guest-Post

The main mission of the band Milkeaters is to spread good mood, not only through music but also with individual humour. The most important thing for us is the energy and passion we want to convey to the audience. Founded only in spring of 2015.

Today the Milkeaters brings together four Czech bluegrass musicians looking for their true sound.
Although most of the Milkeaters had been around the Czech bluegrass scene for several years, it wasn´t until their first rehearsal in the eponymous town of Mlékojedy that any of them played together in a band.

The band usually perform at festivals around the Czech Republik, Europe, clubs, and the streets of Prague as well. The band is nominated at European bluegrass band of the year 2021 at La Roche festival in France.

David Benda (banjo) had become champion of the World Virtual Bluegrass Banjo Contest 2020. In 2020 Milkeaters released CD, at the same year, the band began to work together with Chris Shut (producer, studio 192), Randy Merrill (American mastering engineer). Also, it started to film the first professional Videoclip with Tomáš Drdácky (director, cameraman).

What the Milkeaters want to bring to the stage is a pounding bass, heavy chops and strong vocals nailed together in a tight pocket. They offer bluegrass old and new, both in their own sound, which is driven by the band´s original songs.

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