Guest – post-David Perry

I was born in New Bedford Ma but grew up around New Haven, CT. I started playing the guitar and writing songs when I was 13, and I played the guitar and some keyboards in numerous bands in the 1970s.

 I also built a home studio and recorded lots of bands during that time. I also learned to play the drums and made m “NY “one man “and” recordings of my own songs. I moved to Seattle WA in 1978 and produced several “disco “hits there, by artists like Salazar and Carrie LaPorte. 


I also produced an album for Meredith Brooks before she had her hit, and I worked in the studio with Kenny G and Sir Mix a Lot, all before they became stars. I moved down to Los Angeles in 1990, but got frustrated with the music business and got into other things for a few years, including doing video work, editing, etc.  


In the last few yeaI’veI’ve decided to get back into doing music, and to have fun and not be concerned ab “ut “making “I’ve got a lovely home Pro Tools studio and all the guitars I could ever want.


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Twitter: @davidperrytunes