Guest-Post Darryl Sequeira

I just started my second year of university in Saint John, NB, Canada. The place is empty, so not too many people know it exists. So I head out for the first-class bash with friends.

The party had finished, and I was heading home with four friends. I was the only one asleep in the back seat of the SUV. It turns out the driver was drunk. He makes a wrong turn into an open sewer. The SUV hits the nose first and proceeds to flip over three times in a row. I was asleep, so I flew upwards and crashed my head on the roof of the SUV. I fall into a coma instantaneously. My friend sitting beside me said he thought I was dead because I was lying in a pool of my blood.

The ambulance comes and cuts the SUV open with the jaws of life. It then proceeds to take everyone to the hospital. I ended up in the ICU unit. My dad flew in from Dubai, and when he got to the hospital, the doctor tells him I have minimal chances of survival.

I woke up 15 days later to be diagnosed with quadriplegia. I have no memory of this. I was not conscious for the first two months I was awake, during this time, I had a vision full of love with me living my best life.

This vision lasted 11 months. I awoke to reality in a hospital bed full of pain with no explanation as to how I had a vivid vision with a damaged brain. I felt like I was in heaven.

This feeling gave me the strength to recover in record time. I returned to university the following year, 2006 with my doctor telling me I should return in 2011. I didn’t listen to him and went on to graduate in 2011.

The doctor never spoke to me again. I went on to accomplish so much more because I have this Godsent confidence in me now.

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