Guest – Post Lars Solbakken 



My father left me when I was six years old and never gave any reasons why. He bullied me all the time. My stepfather did some nasty stuff also, and when I was nine years old, he ruined my childhood completely. He told me he would kill my sister and me if I told my mother. When I turned sixteen, I got away from him, and my sister and mother and when have never been close since then.

My mother sadly died in June of this year and that when my life fell apart, and I tried to commit suicide. I never told anyone anything and kept it all inside for forty-five years, until now. I have Adhd and Bipolar disorder, and together combined is not a good combination.

Having these medical conditions makes you feel like you are standing behind a glass a soundproof glass wall with one million things to say, with all your emotions put into every word. So I have tried to explain myself through music.

Being born should never be held against anybody. I am getting treatment now and dedicate my time in getting this all out in the open as hard as it is I am hoping to help others along the way. The story behind all of this is I have never lived this way before, so I am not used to being able to share or talk about this with anyone, so it’s all new to me.

I have to take small steps and most important to be real and share the knowledge I have to help others. I wasn’t sure about posting my video because of lots of stigmas when it comes to mental health. Bullying leaves scars for life and can be challenging to talk about, so I am now expressing it through my music.

We are all results of our past, and no one chooses to struggle. Be kind and real, and you will go along way …

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