Guestpost – artist Shem Thomas


With his number one hit Crossroads, Gold Status, two airplay hits and over seven million streams on Spotify, ShemThomas is one of the most successful Swiss singer-songwriters of recent years. On his second album written and produced at his home – Shem Thomas manages to create something quite rare – big songs that have an incredible intimacy.

His sound is a special mixture of organic singer-songwriter pop and urban Trap. And his thoughtful, aphoristic approach to production allows for his outstanding voice to be taken to an even higher level.

pop has been given a deep soul. With Urban beats and simple guitar pickings, he ventures from the wild mountain valley to the concrete jungle and wins the heart of the city. Shem’s unique voice merges magically with the urban world and makes you sit up and take notice. Even the more light-footed songs go deep to reveal a mirror of your own soul.

The 42-year-old musician has always tried to translate feelings and thoughts into music, a kind of self – therapy, the results of which he wants to share with people. Why? To inspire course. So it’s a bonus that he has found an even more radical way to tell his stories for this album by producing all the songs himself, in every note and sound. In every line and melody, you will find Shem. His music has never been more personal.

From swing to Hip-Hop to skatepunk, Shem has embraced many genres in his past. One can feel his deep musical wisdom in his songs and voice, which in the blink of an eye can rear up like a thunderstorm, or a dive into the depths of the sea. Writing songs to share with the world is both a love and a dream come true. Early on, long before he played in the clubs and at festivals, Shem tried his hand as a street musician. After all, it was the street that taught him to unleash his voice.

With several single releases, he heralds his second album, the first single “Do It” will be released on September 18, 2020. More information is all on his website.





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