Artist Adele & Andy

Adele & Andy is an award-winning modern country duo based in Staffordshire, UK. The duo combines Adele’s silky and rich tones and Andy’s subtle, yet effective guitar playing, with lyrical content that is based on personal life experiences and storytelling that has received the universal appeal.

Following the release of their debut album ‘Watch Over You’ in July 2020, the duo decided to continue creating music within the country music genre where they feel their musical strengths find their natural fit. Their latest single ‘Say It Out Loud’ peaked at #27 in the UK Country iTunes Chart and has had radio support in over 50 countries. They are looking to build on their success with their next release ‘Took his Love Away’. 

‘Took his Love Away’ is inspired by the loss of their friend’s wife. The song aims to capture the thoughts and feelings felt and experienced during this time – Adele & Andy hope that anyone struggling with coming to terms with the loss of a loved one will find comfort and hope.

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