Guest Post – Artist Christopher Marciano


I know that we are currently going through an unpredictable time, but I hope you have found some way to stay positive.

My name is Christopher Marciano, and I am an independent artist.


One of my personal goals is to meet talented individuals who love music and connect with them. That being said, I wanted to share my new music video with you. This was formed from a connection I made with some fantastic dancers, and I was so happy to highlight them.


You can check it out here:


I would love to hear from you, especially at a time like this. You can reach me on Instagram (@marcianomusic) or email me back. Please send me a DM and let me know what you think.


All of my music is also available on Spotify:


I hope to hear from you soon, and please continue to stay positive and safe.


Christopher Marciano



IG/Twitter: @MarcianoMusic


Website: WWW.MarcianoMusic.Com