Dealing with Supraventricular Tachycardia

It’s a bloody headache, to be honest dealing with this as sometimes the doctors don’t know what sets of the heart racing. After it has happened over a few occasions, you usually get fitted with a heart monitor what gets attached to you so it can record and monitor the heart rate over some time to give the doctors an idea of what is happening.

Supraventricular Tachycardia SVT – It starts in the upper chambers of your heart where the electrical signals tell it where to pump. These impulses go in a loop instead of heading off to the right place. This causes your heartbeat to speed up – some time to three times its normal pace.

Let me tell you its scary as on the many occasions it happened to me. I have been calm when it starts. I have no control over it and all of a sudden its starts racing and getting to a phone to dial for help and making sure the front door is open for the ambulance service.

I have a heart and oxygen monitor at home so can take recordings off which helps the doctors, it makes you feel so dizzy and point of collapse and chest pain and out of breath. Usually, I feel sick with it also. The last event I had and was talking to the doctor in the hospital, and he got my results from the tape recording which showed up SVT, so now I am waiting to see a cardiologist and what route I am going to take to calm it down or stop it. It’s complicated when you have other medical conditions and are on other medications as not everything is suitable and cannot be taken together.

Triggers for SVT are:

Herbal Supplements
Cold Remedies
Drinking alcohol
Emotional Upset
Asthma medications

Lifestyle changes can help so cut out all the bad, keep your cholesterol levels under control and have regular blood tests to monitor this. Eat healthy foods, low in salt and solid fats and rich in fruits.

Exercise regularly even if its walking doesn’t do anything over the top till you have the SVT under control. Quit smoking and keep a diary so you can show the consultants precisely what is going and it helps them.


Trying your hardest to be as calm as you can is hard work and especially if you run on high anxiety and calm isn’t in your nature. Meditation does work if you find your self getting increasingly worked up and can help with breathing and bring your heart rate back down.

Surround yourself with the right people where there isn’t going to be a lot of stress, you don’t need to be around this. You can purchase decaffeinated tea and coffee now, so you don’t need to give that up. I would avoid all foods with colours and caffeine as you don’t want anything spiking that heart rate.

I would be checking all medications and supplements you take as not to trigger it as sometimes different medications can do this. Book yourself in for an Indian head massage can also keep stress at bay; it’s all about self-care, so lots of nice bubbles baths and try and chill.

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