My name is Mark Anthony, and I am a musician and songwriter from Finsbury Park in North London.

I starting pursuing music in 2009; when I formed my first group “The Meds Collective” with a couple of friends. 

We were fortunate enough to spend the next five years writing, recording and performing music all over the country, which involved us performing at a number of festivals and music venues. 

We released our album “Heartbreaks & Remedies”, which was followed up by our EP “Change” before the group split in 2014.

In 2016; I released my debut solo album “Reckless Caution”, which again, resulted in me being fortunate enough to perform at a number of festivals and events around the country, as well as performing as a support act for some great artists whilst promoting the album.

During and since this period, I also started hosting my radio show on Shoreditch Radio, as well as collaborating with a number of other music artists on various projects.

In February 2019; myself and another musician formed the group “Lyrical Strangers”, and we released our debut album “Brand New Day” in March 2020; which we are currently promoting.

I have felt very fortunate to experience the journey I have so far, more so because whilst growing up, I was never able to afford any professional music training, so I was only exposed to practising music, by imitating singers and rappers with my mates around our estate, whilst I was growing up.

Any successes have been the result of hard work and my passion for music, rather than having any opportunities given to me.

I’ve always lived by the work ethics of “it’s better to regret something that you do do, rather than regret something that you don’t do” and “if you want something, you’ve got to work for it, not expect it to come to you”.

These ethics have generally kept me in good stead.

You can check out my website at and Lyrical Strangers’ website at

Host of ‘The Evening Session’ Radio show on Shoreditch Radio.

Every Monday from 9pm until 10pm (GMT)at or via the TuneIn Radio smartphone app.

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Twitter: @mark_aofficail

Instagram: @markanthonymusic1