With over 20 years of DJ and production experience, Stevie Fitz is no stranger to the electronic music scene. He has had a passion for music since he can remember and from an early age has been able to appreciate many different genres of music, the influences of which all are adding to his unique, electronic sound.

Stevie is grateful for his two music-loving sisters who were a major influence during his musical upbringing, exposing him to many diverse sounds during the ’80s and ’90s, which is where his love for electronic music began.

During the early ’90s, his clubbing home was the legendary Inn on the Park (affectionately known as “The Pav”) which played host to the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Parkes & Wilson, Carl Cox, Nipper and John Kelly who regularly graced the turntables of the 1500 capacity club. Mesmerised by the mixing talents of these D.J.s together with the music they were playing, he soon turned his hands to DJ’ing. And it wasn’t long before he was playing in clubs around his home island of Jersey, including Raffles Dance City and The Venue, warming up for guest D.J.’s including Mike Cosford, Tom Wainwright and Trevor Rockliffe.

A trip to Thailand at the end of 1996 and into the beginning of 1997, saw him land a residency at Sante Fe Nightclub on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, playing four times a week which in turn led to guest slots at the Backyard Club and infamous Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan.
Already the idea of producing music was firmly embedded in his mind, and it wasn’t long after returning from Thailand, he began his production journey with the legendary Marc Mitchell at Sanctuary Studios. They produced his very first track Chaser.

In November 2001, he secured his first exclusive licencing agreement with Japanese publishers Toryumon under the alias B.O.L.T. He went on to secure many more licencing agreements with Toryumon under various solo and collaborative aliases including Tech House Project, The Loop Rebels, Ear 4 Vision, Stefano Kerami and C.O.U. Muzik, all of which had music licenced for either digital download, ringtones, website promotion or corporate advertising.

The long-time collaboration with Sasha Le Monnier and James Leaman who made up the C.O.U. Muzik collective had much success during the latter part of the first decade of the twenty-first century with signings on digital labels Source of Gravity Digital, Gravitation, Bellarine, Ascension, Pangea, LuPS, Nightshade Music, Segment Records, Uxmal Records and Fiberlineaudio and with remix work coming their way from various D.J./producers including Matt Rowan, Jeff Devas, Sean McClellan (K.V.K.), Tim Mills, Darin Epsilon, Matias Popoff, Native, Jacco @ Work, Nosmo v Kris B, Maxi Valvona, The Chrono Logic and Lemonchill.

In 2014, Stevie teamed up with Denis Smith to form the aptly named Smith & Fitz collaboration. Three independent releases through Rebeat and a remix for Jon Peacock (Elektrik Cat) on Segment records have catapulted them into the progressive limelight with more releases scheduled in the future.

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