I’m Adam Wedd, a songwriter, crafter, builder from North London, UK. Just before the pandemic, I toured Europe and an unexpected 15 date USA tour where I signed my first management deal with James Browns manager. I’ve been writing songs for the longest time, and this includes being lucky enough to share stages with artists such as Ed Sheeran, sell out of 3000 Vinyl/ CD copies of my debut EP and in 2019 play my 1st shows outside the UK ( 30 in total) across 6 US states and 4 European countries.

I’m reaching out because I have a new single coming out in August. With everything going on in the world, I’m hoping that the song will raise awareness of severe depression/suicide and provide comfort to those who either have depression, or who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease. My co-writer and I are sharing the song with a select group of friends leading up to the release to get quotes about the song’s impact and the importance of this topic.

The song is called “Blackest Hole.” I wrote the melody and my friend, Melissa Rieger, wrote the lyrics. Reviewed by therapists, the song carries extra meaning because it was written from personal experience. When Melissa lost her uncle to suicide on August 28 (the day we are releasing the song), she didn’t understand how he could take his own life. Then, she suffered from severe depression when she gave birth to her second child and had postpartum depression. She remembers feeling like everything inside of her was replaced by a black hole. She felt empty, alone and helpless, despite having a solid support network. She was able to seek help and recover, but the feeling recently came back when she suffered a detached retina and lost significant vision in her left eye. She wrote these lyrics during some of her darkest moments. I have also battled depression (like so many others), so I felt moved to write the melody for “Blackest Hole.”

So many of us have battled severe depression, and your opinions would mean a lot. 

I thank you in advance. You can preview it here:


In the meantime, you can head to Spotify and stream my very uplifting hopeful anthem single here


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