What is your project?

 We are LXO; we are two producer friends from Paris, we each had our own solo projects, and we decided to merge our projects to create LXO (Lude X Otta tatata)

Pop music duo influenced by the heyday of the ’80s.

How did you meet?

We met at our respective showcases.

LUDE: OTTA came to see me play.

OTTA: Then, LUDE did the same during my last show.

Since that, we said to ourselves that we were going to do something!

Why are you working together?


For my part, I had wanted to have a more retro, more Pop project, close to my inspirations for a while. For that, I needed to find someone who shared this direction.


 I have always had the idea of working on a new and original project, especially in a group.

This LXO project allows me to unveil myself. We started with a simple collaboration on a song and ended up with the idea of the group! Said we’re going to do something together!

What are your strengths/complementarities?

We have strong creativity and good understanding. It made us very efficient in having our first album completed in a short time. I think it’s the result of our differences and our similarities.

It is also a human and fraternal encounter that we rarely come across in a lifetime.

How do you work? Create?

“We always compose our songs acoustically before adding the rest, around a guitar or a piano both. it allows us to keep our hands in the music in its purest form.”

We do not have a specific rule or method; we start from one or the other’s idea or a common idea and develop it. We are sometimes starting from a gimik, a text, a melody.

We leave room for our limitless ideas and our desire to share these songs on stage.

We compose and write as if we were in front of the public: we make music because we hope to be able to make the audience feel what we feel when we listen to it.

What is your style/inspirations?

It is always difficult to define your style. Our style is our LXO combo!

Just before we said that our differences are our strength and our complementarities. This is a bit the case here, OTTA tends to take inspiration from current music, and I from the ’70s / 80’s music makes for a beautiful musical and creative marriage.

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