My name is Amir Hossein Bazhrang and I’m 22 years old. Music is my passion and I started my journey in music back in 2008 when I was only a 10-year old.  Back then my elder brother Omid used to listen to Metallica with his metalhead friends. Once he was watching the live version of “Harvester of sorrow” in Russia in 1991, and the moment I clapped my eyes on his monitor, the crowd, and the energy in that performance I fell in love with music. So Metallica was my first inspiration, and my brother encouraged me to play their songs with my little keyboard toy. My first instrument was the keyboard, and as Omid started playing the bass guitar, I did the same. I am left-handed but, there was no option for me but right-handed guitars. We used to be in a band together and then I started to make my own music. Then I learned to play the guitar and a little bit of music theory.

My first official song “Victim of Memories” was released in 2015 on a local rock music website. I received lots of positive feedback and even made my friends eager to buy a guitar and start playing. Afterwards, I felt so blessed and strong and tried to make progress in composing my own songs. I’m composing, recording, mixing, and mastering my songs with the least amount of equipment needed. 

All the ups and downs of life and our economic and social problems make me convey the pain by the music language. That’s why my songs have a darker side of melancholy and depression. Besides such fact, I have always tried to carve a niche in a unique genre of music that is not familiar and similar to others in form. Making my own signature in music is my life goal. 

Today my new song “Hermoribund” is released on all the major platforms. This song is a metaphor for our lives and souls. I’d rather my audience has its own perspective and thoughts about this music than just spoiling it by shallow details. But my own view is this: Each one of us is fighting to achieve its own goals but just a few of us can ace it. Most of us get extinct because of our vulnerabilities and weaknesses despite the fact that we fight to the death. This time our mother, the mother earth is dying and waiting for extinction and this is her moribund.


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