Jake Lindholm – Guest Post – Music

Jake Lindholm is a country singer and songwriter from Sweden with an ambition to make country music popular in Europe. Jake is focusing on developing a new sound for modern country music with inspiration from folk music and Swedish pop. The cornerstone of his musical style is the melancholic lyrics that create a unique vibe, no matter if it’s a sad ballad or an up-tempo party song. In that sense, the songs bear a resemblance to many Avicii songs.

The authenticity in the lyrics is important to Jake, who only writes about things he has experienced or felt. “How can you make a listener feel something if you haven’t felt that yourself?” The lyrics are carried by Jake’s smooth and warm voice, which also gives the songs their country touch. Authenticity is also important when it comes to sound. Although Jake considers himself a country artist, he feels it’s important not just to copy what all the American country artists are already doing. Instead, the focus is to develop a new and unique sound that also resonates with a broader audience in Europe and the rest of the world.

But how is it that a guy from Sweden wants to become a county star? In Jake’s case, it’s not that strange. Jake grew up on a horse ranch in southern Sweden where he spent most of his childhood on horseback. The country lifestyle had, and still has, a significant impact on Jake’s life and it’s not a coincidence that one of his first words as a young child was “tractor”. However, country music would first become a part of his life when he started to play and write music as a teenager. Jake was intrigued by the storytelling and the way the country genre resonated with his own life and childhood.

The love for country music leads Jake to visit Nashville for the first time in 2015, together with his close friend and fellow musician Andreas Eriksson. Since then, Jake hasn’t been able to stay away and nowadays most of his music is written in Nashville together with some very talented American songwriters.

Jake made his debut as a solo artist in 2018 with the song “Already Gone”, produced by Andreas Eriksson. The response from listeners was tremendous, and in 2019 Jake released his second single “Do You Even Need Me”, written by Jake himself, Andreas Eriksson and Nashville songwriter John Griffin. In February 2020, Jake and his two producers, Andreas Eriksson and Karl-Ola Kjellholm, began the recording of what will eventually become Jake’s debut EP. The sound of the EP is exactly what Jake wants it to be; a modern country with a folk vibe and true and melancholic lyrics delivered by Jake’s unique country voice. We can’t wait for the release!

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