How To Deal With Setbacks

We all have setbacks but how we deal with them is the most important thing. Sometimes when we think life isn’t going the way want it to go, it can throw us into this downwards spiral. It would be so easy to be negative at everything that is thrown at us, but if we think negative all the time, then that is all you are going to attract.

It is so hard to wake up every day, and from the minute you open your eyes to have that positive mindset, trying to stay positive in every situation is bloody hard work. I had an interesting conversation with someone who said to me how do you stay positive all the time and the honest answer to that is I am human. Of course, I have bad days, but you know what when everything is crashing down… I take a step back and switch off from all social media.

Learning to wake up every day and not check your social media will be the best thing you start to do for a clearer mind. Spending ten or twenty minutes practising mediation to start your day off is a good start for anyone. Always have a pen and paper and write down the tasks you wish to complete the night before, so it’s not all going around your head before you try and sleep.

If someone had said to me five years ago, this is how I would be now using meditation daily and taking steps backs when things got too much… I would have laughed. I have such high anxiety levels and nervous tension that every day is a challenge and I have to do something with it. My brain runs a million miles per hour sometimes, so mediation helps in calming everything down.

Everybody is so different and deals with every situation differently; we are all unique in our special way. If you are highly sensitive and get triggered easily the best way to deal with this is to not surround yourself with negative people who are going to drain you, you need uplifting people and those who are going to make you smile.

Staying positive when shit hits the fan is a tough one, the best way to deal with it is by accepting its happened and thinking you know what I can’t change it, but I can learn from this and move on. Somethings go wrong in life to throw you into a much better situation; I genuinely believe this. If you Believe in the universe, they say your life is all mapped out for you from birth…

When you are in that dark place, just put your hand over your heart and say to yourself, you know what I’m still breathing. You will get through this, you might not see it at the time why something hasn’t worked out the way you wanted it to, but in time you will look back and think thank god that didn’t happen, I am so grateful now that somethings things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to.

Staying positive doesn’t mean its all butterflies and rainbows.

It just means you are looking at the situation with a better outlook, what’s done is done, and you can’t change it so have a good cry and accept the shit and move on. Making sense of the situation and then move on. Yes, you could be discouraged and lose a lot of hope if its something you wanted so bad but again you can’t change what has happened so don’t dwell on it… just let it go.

So remember self-care when you are feeling low, run yourself a nice bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of wine or a herbal tea, chat to a friend and put your next plan of action into place.


Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on their way.