I was born in Moscow, Russia, into a family of professional musicians – my mom is a violinist, and my dad a music theory lecturer – and I started playing the violin at just three years old. The decision to make music was not conscious one back then, but I do remember how happy and excited I felt when my mother walked through the door, carrying my very first, tiny violin. This was the moment my musical journey started.

A few years later, I was fortunate to be accepted at the renowned Gnessin School – a school for musically gifted children and, where I was surrounded by like-minded musicians and wonderful teachers.
Before I reached my teens, my parents and I moved to Bavaria, Germany, where I continued my studies of music in Munich and Ingolstadt. As I transitioned into my teenage years, I fell out of love with the violin for a while… All my friends at the time were playing sports, not a musical instrument. And so did I. Luckily, in my mid-teens, I realised that I did want to pursue a career in music after all. After several years of practice and preparation, I applied to study violin at the famous University of Music in Vienna. I was overjoyed when I found out that I was accepted. A new section of my life began.

During my time in the capital of classical music, I founded a string quartet (the Fidelio Quartet), with which I had a chance to travel and perform in many parts of the world, including appearances on national TV and national radio. Those were exciting times. That said, the world of Classical music can be one of expected perfectionism, and being under constant pressure from your peers (and the audience) is not always easy.
Yet, I could not imagine doing anything else. Playing the violin was my life, and my career as a violinist was beginning to take off. 

Then, all of a sudden, a hand-injury put a stop to it all. After more than a year of visiting doctors and fighting for recovery, I had to eventually make a decision – a tough decision, and surely the most difficult in my life. I had to give up my violin career. 

As I simply could not imagine my life without music, I had to find a solution. My love for film music, the fact that I had always composed little pieces throughout my life as a hobby, and a curious brochure from the job centre in Vienna, gave me new hope. The idea of becoming a film composer was born. I have always been a huge fan of John Williams, so – fuelled by his iconic music – I decided to embark on this new journey.

Looking back, even though I still miss playing the violin, I can see that life had other plans for me. 
As a touring musician, it can sometimes be difficult to have a healthy lifestyle – concerts late into the evening, restaurant food, and regular travel can be stressful.
And to me personally, health is the most important value of all. Together with another value, which I highly cherish – the value of independence, being a composer and music producer has turned out to be more “in sync” with my beliefs. And I genuinely believe this to be a highly important “ingredient” for a happy life.

Last year, I was even able to make a passion project of mine become a reality: after 15 years of not being able to play the violin, and with my injury now much improved, I went into the studio to record a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Melodie. This track has since been released on all major streaming and download platforms (and you can have a listen here: http://smarturl.it/lsi12q)

And even if I can’t play for as many hours as I used to, this journey reminded me of the fact that – even if things don’t always go as planned – this doesn’t mean that we are going down the wrong path, or that we have failed. Sometimes life simply has a better idea of what’s good for us, or why we are here. Bringing joy to people through my own music has proven to be a journey I thoroughly enjoy, which makes me feel happy, alive and fulfilled. The only thing we need to do in life is to never give up and pick up the cues life presents to us. No matter what obstacles you might encounter on your way, trust that they are there for a reason. To steer us in the right direction or to simply challenge our dreams and our endurance.

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