Artist – Wayne Taylor, A solo artist songwriter from Liverpool, also lead Vocals / Rhythm guitarist of acoustic duo Goose Green, tells his story through music. A storytelling songwriter who writes about real-life experiences that have changed his life in so many ways. From doing time in young offenders to adult prisons, suffering many mental health battles along the way. Finding a way out from a life of crime came at the hand of his will and desire to write record and produce his music from his home recording studio. He is enjoying making videos to compromise the feel of the songs and using Youtube as a platform.


Wayne Taylor is a self-taught guitarist and for many years has been making a living through travelling around the North West busking. Taking full advantage of city centre Friday/Sat night vibes in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Blackpool. Sometimes drifting as far as Barnsley, Wakefield and even Bournemouth, busking became an important part of Wayne’s life and in 2018 a by a chance night out in Altrincham Greater Manchester, Found himself busking in the trendy Goose Green area of the Town.


The place became a regular Friday night busking patch while the name goose green later became the name of his acoustic Duo. After 2 EP releases followed by The album Written Doing Time which is now available on most major platforms. The Written Doing Time album is an acoustic album which is a mix up of acoustic rock/indie/folk/blues.

The Vocals are Gritty yet Calm and relaxing, telling his story with passion and soul combined with powerful Lyrics. Wayne also plays a somewhat Bluesy Jazz feel bass on the album which for a rhythm player is not bad at all and well worth a listen.

There is plenty more to come from Wayne Taylor, both with Goose Green and a collaboration album he is now working on with a London rapper artist which will be coming sometime later in the year.


You will find both Wayne Taylor and Goose Green Youtube channels in the links.