The introduction to the internet would eventually spurn a horrible lovechild better known as social media. No matter however much you try, it is hard to ignore social media and lead an innocent life. The reason why I am so opposed to social media is that I firmly believe it has led to an increase in cheating. Sliding into DM’s has meant that many people will now be interacting with people that they haven’t had access to previously and your smartphone suddenly becomes the biggest little black book on the planet. 

If we look at cheating through history, we have to pay homage to the Greek God Zeus, he was always cheating on his misses, most notable transforming himself into flowers or animals to have his wicked way with women and produce so many children even Jeremy Kyle would struggle to keep up with the DNA testing. Even in the late 50’s up to the ’90s, running to the phone box at the end of the road to ring whoever it is you are trying to hook up with, added an element of danger but could you really be bothered if it was slatting down with rain? Is it going to be really worth that late night booty call?

Now it’s too easy. You can hide your phone, you can even hide your messages with a secret conversation setting, phones have pin numbers, face ID or fingerprint ID to further help hide whatever nastiness you are up to. You can be anyone you want when you open your online dating profile to go fishing (confesses that hello, I am Pedro, I fly for British Airways and am one of their youngest pilots when in reality I just look at a plane and vomit…..) you can even change your sex, race or religion in the hope of having a naughty little liaison without your loved one ever finding out.

What would you class as cheating? Many of my friends argue that texting or chatting with someone, even if its flirty, is absolutely fine. It’s just banter or baaaaanteeeeer as they say it. But I disagree. For me, the moment you are even hiding something, you are already overstepping the mark. If you are that unhappy with your chosen one, why not just have the gumption to end it once and for all no matter how hard it might be if you have a combined home or even children together. Surely this will be better for all instead of cheating which will ultimately cause more heartache for all those involved, leading to potentially permanent damage to the person you cheat on. To go ahead and cheat shows how little you value all parties involved and makes me question who you are as a human being to inflict pain on someone on purpose.

If you are unsure whether you are overstepping the mark or not, use this simple guide to regulate your actions: if you have to hide a text message from your significant other, then your inner conscious already knows you are doing something wrong. 

Jimmy Cricket is so very disappointed in you.

Yours Faithfully

Mr.No Nonsense