Unrequited Love

Everyone has their other half, the missing piece to their puzzle, whether they have discovered them yet or not is a totally different matter. We are paired by the universe, and it is our destiny to be with someone, many historical pairings throughout the scriptures and historical texts can testify that we always work better as a pair.

Despite the Hollywood factor romanticising how we meet this person, it probably won’t be in the warm rain; I don’t think there are thunderbolts from above or fat little cherubs with wings floating around your head while playing harp music but there is something there. I never believed it until it happened to myself, but there is a sting in this tale – the person didn’t want me back.

I do volunteer work in my spare time; I am hoping that by putting some love back into the universe it will stop bumming me in return. It’s not happened yet, but I am still hopeful!! Anyway, I had arrived for a meeting, and the person I was meant to be seeing was all flustered that they were double booked so could I be passed on to someone else? I was initially a little irked, I don’t like people who cannot prioritise their workloads, but then the replacement walked into the room.

Well hello, I thought to myself while ignoring the little stirring in the downstairs region, yes, of course, I didn’t mind the inconvenience and would happily spend the meeting with the replacement, oh yes its no problem at all hahaha. So off we went to work through the meeting, the more they talked, the more I stared at them, watched their mouth forming the words I was meant to be listening to, and I realised I was daydreaming about those lips. When our hands touched while looking over some paperwork, that was it. I felt a jolt of electricity course through my body, and it ran straight to my groin, oh god, I was getting uncomfortable in my chair, I hoped they wouldn’t notice what was going on and I was hoping it wasn’t visible. Why did I wear such tight trousers!?

I pushed my feelings aside as crazy and continued with the meeting when it was time to say goodbye we shook hands, and there it was again, I was on fire. The difference was, this time they felt it too as phone numbers were exchanged. Despite numerous messages, flirty banter and more false starts than a clapped out Ford Capri, they eventually bolted. Sent the final “it’s not you, it’s me” text message and that they were sorry that they just weren’t ready. You can’t force someone to love you, no matter how much you want to and sometimes for your sanity, you need to step back and walk away.

True to my word, I cut all communication with them and ensure that we do not bump into each other again, I know they will never read this but if they ever did – I will always love you. 

I’m not Whitney Houston; I’m just someone who loves an asshat.


Yours Faithfully

Mr.No Nonsense