Bright Lights Big City and Modelling

Going into the modelling world now is very different from years ago, you get signed up with an agency to represent you and then you were sent along to castings with a Z card or a portfolio. Now you have Instagram models and all these different editing apps! There are so many different types of modelling out there, Runway where you have to be above 5ft9, and these models are found on the catwalk showcasing designer’s clothing. 

Fashioneditorial models, are the faces you see in high fashion magazines and usually work for all the top fashion designers. Now commercial modelling is not restricted by height, age or size, so this is the most open to diverse and new talent.

Fitness models tend to be the most toned, fit, and you will see these all over fitness magazines and commercials. Fit modelling is someone who works behind the scenes in fashion houses to get the sizing and fit right before the garment is sent off to be manufactured. 

Glamour modelling is based on how you look and centred on appearance and body shape, this modelling is for lingerie photoshoots, and the models are usually curvier. Starting out you have to have your wits about you, or you could easily find yourself in some situations you don’t want to be in.

You’re not going to make thousands overnight, and you have to put yourself out there going to castings where there could be 300 other models you are up against. It takes time to build up jobs so you can add to your portfolio/profile. You don’t get paid for going to castings, and you could be travelling all over ten times a week so always have something else to fall back on. 

There are so many profiles on the web what you can set up now and see what castings are out there yourself and put yourself forward but with this does come risks, not everyone out there is genuine so word of warning if its a glamour shoot check out where your actually going and who is running the shoot. 

Anyone reputable agent will give you all the information you ask for and profiles and reviews, and you can see all they’re previous work. A lot of shoots are on location so it will be a house you turn up to but if anything feels off then follow your gut.

I am not saying its all bad, but I wished someone had guided me when I first started, I started off doing commercial and then swapped to glamour and then swapped back to commercial and lifestyle. Some photographers will try and take advantage and promise you jobs when you hear of that saying’ casting couch’ its actually a thing! Always be strong-minded and don’t take any shit and refuse to work with these photographers in the future. 

I had photographers telling me to lose weight which caused eating issues, I was only pushing 8stone 7pounds at the time, and this could have really spiralled out of control quickly, trying to be stick thing for different shoots can leave you exhausted physically and mentally.

Speaking out also leaves you in the situation of not being booked for work again, so a lot of girls keep quiet. You will make friends with other models along the way, and you will always hear stories of indecent behaviour from photographers and casting directors, you learn quickly who to avoid.

You have to build up a thick skin if you want to work in the industry, be prepared for a lot of rejection and being criticised just for being yourself. Along the way, you will meet some great people but also some pretentious ones. For anyone starting out keep chasing your dreams but stay grounded and always do your research… if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Guest – post – Hannah