Trust After Toxic Behaviour

You can’t demand or prove trust; trusting someone is a choice that you make. How do you build trust in a relationship, whether this is friendship or a romantic? How do you know you can trust someone? I am one of those people if I tell you something in confidence and you break my trust then that will be the first and the last time. 

Some people thrive on gossip and other people’s lives and misfortunes. They feel powerful in some twisted way, and it makes them feel better about their lives. If you have ever been on the end of toxic person traits, it’s not fun and can be very damaging to your mental health. 

They often amuse themselves at the other’s expense keeping their eyes and ears open to catch any small piece of information that they can use to pass judgment.

Removing Toxic People From Your Life

  • Don’t expect them to change.
  • Cut off all ties 
  • Change your number 

Have you ever had that friend or family member who has discouraged you from exercise or made fun of you for wanting to be a better person or criticised your hair or nails?.

 Toxic people get stuck in the past and want to keep bringing stuff up to make you feel awkward, and usually, they like an audience. These kinds of people will never share in your joy! If you find you try to do something different to better yourself, then they will cling on to all the negatives so that you can’t improve your life.

Putting You Down Constantly

A toxic friend will make snide comments making you feel like you’re less than you are. They will draw attention to any disabilities you have, trying to discourage you from achieving your goals. 

They will try and control and influence your life choices and sulk if you decide to make new friends or have something bad to say about them before they have even met them. They will call you all the time continually ringing and texting as their biggest fear is losing control over you.

Manipulative and toxic people can be family members or friends; they can drain your energy and leave you exhausted. Usually, when you are in a low point of your life, these people creep in because your boundaries are down and you will tolerate a lot more than you usually would. 

Toxic people will make you feel like you need them; they want you to stay miserable and reliant, so they have the control. Deliberate humiliation or being shamed over disability or a secret they have on you is toxic behaviour, and you need to get as far away from this person as possible.

You would have already noticed that a toxic person will deliberately embarrass you in front of other people knocking your confidence even lower. Sometimes it takes a long time before you can end a friendship like this because you’re hoping they will change. Once you get away from this person, they often increase all the tactics and gossiping because they have lost control over being able to manipulate you.

When you have experienced this, it really makes you wary of people, and this is when trust issues can arise and make you come across guarded. Moving forward, try and surround yourself with positive, happy people who have your best interests at heart. These are people who model healthy friendships and relationships, reminding you exactly why you are choosing to sever toxic ones.

When you’re coming out of a bad situation, it’s not someone else’s kindness that will get you at first. What gets you is the way it feels when they are kind without being toxic.

 It can take courage to trust again but trust your gut always it’s never wrong, and if something is too good to be true, then it usually is. We all have to move past the bad to get to the good. Be selective on who you let in, don’t be an open book, to begin with, and let them take the lead and reveal those things first. Just imagine being happy again and enjoying the things you used to do.