Sometimes trying to stay positive is easier said than done, staying positive brings the strength of mind.

  • Enjoy getting outside 
  • Watch some good comedy’s and have a real laugh.
  • Hang around with positive people ( remove al toxic people from your life)
  • Every morning show gratitude and appreciate the little things in our lives.
  • Learn to take breaks when things get overwhelming 
  • Do not dwell on negative energy as it will only bring you down even more.
  • Tell yourself things will get better and say it out loud.

Do you often believe you are jinxed, and nothing right goes your way, and all the bad stuff only happens to you? Rather than going from relationship to another, take the time to really get to know the other person. Anyone genuine will not rush you into anything, Red flags cannot be ignored, so don’t waste your time on anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable in the beginning.

Everyone can’t be a bundle of fun every day that’s just life, but its how you deal with things is what counts. Control your destiny, appreciate the small stuff and smile. Starting your day off with a smile cans et the ball rolling towards an incredibly positive day.

Doing something nice for others 

Being positive isn’t all about yourself. Spread the love around! Upload them happy quotes up to your social media accounts to piss off the negative ones. You never know who could see that one quote and it change their day.

How to control your destiny

No one can make you be positive; you have to make it so. It may take work, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Your dreams will never become a reality unless you decide to go for it.

Notice when you’re stuck in your head. Overthinking can become such a bad habit, and we all do it. Notice when the bad feelings creep in and try and flip it into a positive, keep the focus on problem-solving. 

Relaxing the mind

Take slow, deep breaths, or try other breathing exercises for relaxation. Run a warm bath and soak away in bubbles. Practise mediation. The goal of mindful meditation is to focus your attention on things that are happening right now and in the present moment.

Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done. Practise working on ways to improve your personal development to give you a better outlook on life.