Month: June 2020

Artist – Wayne Taylor

  Artist – Wayne Taylor, A solo artist songwriter from Liverpool, also lead Vocals / Rhythm guitarist of acoustic duo Goose Green, tells his story through music. A storytelling songwriter who writes about real-life experiences that have changed his life […]


Liars Have you ever dated someone that made Pinocchio look like an innocent victim? My old man used to say that if you were going to be a good liar, you had to have a bloody good memory and this […]


Cheating The introduction to the internet would eventually spurn a horrible lovechild better known as social media. No matter however much you try, it is hard to ignore social media and lead an innocent life. The reason why I am […]


Chivalry Here in 2020, I think it’s pretty safe to say chivalry died. You are more likely to get a dick pic than someone opening a car door for you nowadays, an insistence that the bill is paid 50/50 or […]

Unrequited Love Guest-Post

Unrequited Love Everyone has their other half, the missing piece to their puzzle, whether they have discovered them yet or not is a totally different matter. We are paired by the universe, and it is our destiny to be with […]

Size: does it matter? Guest-post

Shrimp Dicks vs Baggy Vags Time for the ultimate showdown, but which is worse!? There is nothing more disappointing when you have put serious time and effort into dating someone and finally decide its time to hit the horizontal, everything […]

Artist – Matin Nassiri

My name is Matin Nassiri, and I am a 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Bristol. My love for music comes from a sad background, last year I had to see a doctor for anxiety and some depression, music really helped me through […]

Artist – RiverChild

    Artist – RiverChild I am a Solo indie/folk artist from north London and go under the name of RiverChild. In the last two years after releasing my first e.p, RiverChild has gone on to perform shows all around the […]

Miss Positive

One of my favourite quotes… Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.