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Pre-COVID-19, I had an amazing, unique and enjoyable job that I had created and developed over nearly two decades. And now during the time of social distancing, I am still doing that job, but not exactly, and not by chance or luck or magic. These last two months have been transformative.

At the start of the second week of March 2020, everything I had built suddenly and dramatically changed. All but four of my confirmed event bookings for the coming year cancelled, leaving me with ongoing expenses, but no income. I could have easily despaired and given up, but instead, I considered my options and then adapted my perspective and approach. Over the last seventeen years, through various twists and turns, I shaped myself to become a professional event entertainer who uses quirky intuitive abilities, therapeutic and teaching skills to inspire individuals and groups to be the best versions of themselves. 

Within my role entertaining as The Fun Fortune Teller, I have had the great honour of reading the palms of over 30,000 people at a huge variety of high profile events across the globe. International travel and face-to-face interaction with people of all cultures are at the core of what I do, so lockdown and keeping a two-metre distance has put that entirely on hold. I choose to see this as an opportunity.

Out of the ashes of a freshly decimated hospitality, events and travel industry, I juggled multiple personal responsibilities while simultaneously toiling away behind the scenes at home for weeks like a chrysalis. I knew I needed to keep my much loved and hard-earned career going, to stay relevant and to make myself accessible to even more people. So, I started by offering 1-1 Inspiration Sessions online.

I had a long list of people who had met me at parties and events and wanted to see me privately. For over a decade, I simply did not have time for private sessions due to my constantly irregular event travelling schedule, and so for years, I had had to turn people away. When I started the 1-1 online sessions, word of mouth spread like wildfire, and then just as quickly, I started getting asked to do online parties. Suddenly, happily, I found myself again entertaining people all around the world. This time they were all in different locations, but on the same Zoom call, and I was comfortably at home, in London, secretly accessorising my cosy pink fluffy slippers to match my flamboyant hot pink turban.

So why am I telling you this? What is the lesson here? If I met you at an event face-to-face in the past, or if I meet you now online, I would tell you that the situation you find yourself in today is a matter of perspective. I would encourage and help you to explore various options and potential outcomes. I would guide you to see the opportunities within your challenges. I would compassionately and enthusiastically support you to develop strategies for success.

We will always have challenges, and there will always be opportunities. I approach everything from this perspective because I know it works. I am proof. This is how I live my life. I have experienced first hand, decades of personal struggle, worry, ill health, trauma and loss. Regardless of how polished and jolly it looks on social media, my life has not been and is not easy. Rather than giving up, I persevere with optimism. I look for the rainbow even during the storm. I see opportunities to improve myself, and the world as a whole, in all that I do. I am inspired by helping others to overcome their fears and embrace the best in themselves. I believe that by doing so, I am helping to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

We all have a choice of how to see ourselves and the various paths we are on. The perspective you choose influences the opportunities ahead of you. I encourage you to see this period of global, national, and local upheaval as a time of infinite positive possibilities for your personal development, growth, and transformation. Time never stays still. Every second of your life, you can choose a different direction, with various adventures and different consequences. We each have a unique opportunity now, and ongoing, to broaden our awareness: examine, rethink, restructure, reengage. The glass is always half full, and you will create the foundations for happiness and success when you see life this way. 

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