Decluttering The kitchen

The kitchen is always the heart of the home, where everyone normal gathers. Clutter in the kitchen can trigger a stress hormone cortisol, which can increase the tension and anxiety and lead to unhealthy habits. 

Clutter attracts dust, dirt, and even mould. Over time, clutter can impact air quality in a room. Decluttering can make you feel happy by not only improving your mental health but also by improving your overall physical health.

You, Will, Need Some Good Tunes And Some Boxes

You will be putting in these boxes anything you do not use. Do not think about the item! Thinking about everything isn’t going to help the situation as the whole point of the declutter is to remove anything that isn’t going to get used.


Follow The Strict Rule, If You Haven’t Used It In Six Months then Just Donate It.

Junk drawer


Glasses – Mugs

Cleaning products


Tupperware – baking tins

Cooking utensils


Mixing bowls

So now you have cleared out all the items you no longer use, you can donate anything as long as it is working.  The YMCA will come and collect from your house if you give them a call, they are always on the lookout for items for there shop’s all across the country as they help kit out people who have absolutely nothing.

Most people have many more plates, mugs and cutlery that they need, do you really need 14 plates! Now Find the rubbish bags and now bin any food that is out of date.

Think Practical

If space is an issue in your kitchen think about getting large storage jars and adding some shelves to the kitchen, you will be surprised what a difference this can make. You can install a hanging rack for pots and pans.

Relocate Anything That Doesn’t Belong In The Kitchen

Taking back control of your kitchen can be simple; all you need to do is start! Now you can get your cleaning products out and wipe down from top to bottom, stay motivated and turn up the tunes to keep the right mood and positives vibes going.

Your end goal should be to have a clean environment in the kitchen and where its clutter-free your stress levels should come right down. 

Tip On Oven Cleaning

In most supermarkets, you can buy Oven Pride Deep Oven Cleaner, and literally, you take everything out of the oven and put the wracks into the bag, add in the chemicals and leave overnight outside. In Asda this product is £3.95 Product code: 1466493 I have no complaints what so ever about this product and its a little miracle in a bag.

Alternative Products For Chrome

I came across this tip many years ago, so if you have baby wipes or baby oil and a clean cloth just wipe over your taps, oven tops, hoods, door handles, its a quick clean a bright sheen.

Once you start decluttering, you realise how great you feel about it; You will feel relief and satisfaction and hopefully, lighter and uplifted. Decluttering is essential for self-care and can improve you’re well being.

It doesn’t matter if your space is big or small it’s your space to do what you want with and, You never know you might start decluttering the whole house.