How To Release Trapped Trauma In Our Bodies

The energy of the trauma is stored in our bodies tissues until it can be released. This stored trauma leads to pain and progressively erodes a body’s health. Emotions are the vehicles the body relies on to find balance after trauma.

Traumas of abuse, past relationships, car accidents and stress may still be stored within your body, causing a disconnect.

Finding a good psychologist is the key to help you understand, and walk you through improving your body, know’s that you are no longer in danger. Practise mindful breathing as it helps calm the nervous system and brain.

Practise staying present this increases our chances for healing. Learning mediation has the overall effect of helping reduce pain intensity; deep breathing will put you in a relaxed state.

Dealing With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is abnormal pain and extreme sensitivity to pain all over the body. The central nervous system transmits information all over your body through a network of cells.

Living with chronic pain is still poorly understood. Listening to your body and knowing you’re trigger’s and taking time out when you need it is the key. Making dietary changes can also help.


Chemicals that excite the neutrons in the brain, sugars and processed foods. Alcohol can sometimes trigger flares ups, and also if you are on medications prescribed for fibromyalgia, it could cause harmful interactions.

Stress Relief

The best Massage for fibromyalgia is a Swedish massage for muscle pain relief. Using reflexology also is excellent as the reflexologist can work on the pressure points.

CBT Councilling

CBT is short term; goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on approach to problem-solving. Its purpose is to change patterns of thinking behaviour they are beyond people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel.

Managing Ways To Keep Calm

You are managing ways to keep in a state of calm and try and keep the stress response off. Exercise is the best thing and effective way to calm down the nervous system. It not only uses the energy created in the body, but it also metabolises excess stress hormones.

Lower levels of stress hormones mean a calmer body and mind. We all want them  feel good hormones and exercise increase endorphins. Yoga can be beneficial for healing trauma because it helps release the tension and anxieties which manifest as a result of holding on to the negativity of a past event.

Resetting Your Life

You have to get to the root of all problems and tackle each one before you can move forward if that means entirely resetting your life for the better then do it! Removing toxic people from your life can be painful, as you may care for some of these people despite how difficult it is to have them in your life. Only stay in contact with those who make you feel safe and happy.

Natural Ways To Detox

Try a slice of lemon in hot water is a simple way to start your detox. Lemons have an alkaline effect, helping restore the body’s pH balance, improving the immune system.

Garlic is great for a detox having antiviral, antibacterial and antibiotic properties which can help protect the body against infections. Despite its strong odour its best consumed raw, so try adding crushed garlic to dressing for a salad.

Beetroot supports detoxification, making it a great detox food. It provides a great shot of nutrients as its full of magnesium, iron, and vitamin C. Beetroot is known as a superfood helping with hair, skin and lowering cholesterol.

Green tea contains active ingredients which help support any detox; the tea is packed with antioxidants and can help rid the body of toxins. It has been found to boost the performance of the liver, and it’s best to drink this first thing in the morning and before exercise.

Kicking processed foods is a way to kick start your detox, so introducing brown rice is a healthier option as whole grain rice is a natural source of vitamins as well as essential fatty acids.

Making The Change

When you decide something has to change and want a better lifestyle, start slow. Make a plan of what you want to change and what is going to help you and what outcome you want. You don’t need to do something extreme to reset your eating habits.

Finding a better balance for a better lifestyle is what you are aiming for, remember to keep a diary so you can look back on all your achievements.