At the age of 25, I left my tiny town in Texas and everything I’d ever known. I set out for the bright lights of Hollywood, California, where stars are born.

With no job, or car, and no apartment and very little money, I didn’t care, the music was calling me just as it had my entire life. I had to answer that call. My big Aha was that I would sing for someone, and the next day I would be touring the world!….boom just like that! Gotta love being naive.

After many years and years of songwriting, finding my own sound, my own musical style, my own band members, booking my own gigs and pounding the pavement, this small town girl was finally selling out some of the biggest venues in the city that was known to chew you up and spit you out: LA.

The world-famous Troubadour, Viper Room, EL Rey Theatre, and the Roxy, all the staples of Hollywood and where most music icons had once graced the stages. I too was now in the world of selling out my shows to rave reviews. Where all my musical influences had gone before me, I couldn’t believe it, a dream come true.

Shucks, Katy Perry even opened for me at The Roxy before she was a household brand name. Who would’ve thought it? The spark, then the flame turned into a roaring inferno of press, radio, sold out-shows, awards and accolades. Record labels and publishers were aplenty and knocking on my door. Ready, set, go world, here I come.

In a matter of seconds, it all came crashing down, what had taken a lifetime to achieve, my fifteen minutes of fame….poof went in an instant.

My mother had a brain aneurysm, and my world went from being radio, and stages with the warmth of the spotlight and roars in the crowd, to a small cold room in the Neuro- ICU and mother being on life support fighting to survive. The record labels were calling, and I had to pass on some of those opportunities to stay with my mother, who was my entire reason for being.

Now not only was personal world upside down, but during this period the music industry, as we know it, was hit by a massive tsunami wave of technology that would cause companies to close, downsize, and change the entire way music was consumed and sold.

As the music industry got wiped out, so did my opportunities. Like any entrepreneur or business person, I had to step back and wait for the dust to settle and see what the new world of music would entail. I’m so glad I did. What was once so devastating and seemed like doom on my entire life’s purpose reemerged with the music business now letting artists be their own bosses and allowing creativity to flow freely and reach the masses, no more “velvet ropes” to prevent you from getting into the industry and ‘being heard?

I’ve learned along the way that staying nimble in business and life is essential. It is all about having a positive attitude, perseverance, and being able to change and adapt to situations that are far beyond our control. It is necessary to focus on both surviving as well as thriving. We are on is a journey, it is never a straight line, so many twists and turns, but if you go with the flow rather than against it, life will surprise you in ways you could have never conceived.

Keep on dreaming and achieving and doing so your greatest obstacles will not only turn into your greatest strengths but will inspire and touch others in ways you could have never imagined.

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