Harmony Milne – My Music Journey Guest Post

I have always loved singing from when I was young, and I started writing songs around the age of eleven.  Around thirteen, a local singer performed at my school assembly, and that made me start to think about music properly. So I  signed up for a school competition. It was the first time I’d performed in front of fifty people.

I actually enjoyed it, so I continued to perform at school concerts. Numerous parents came up to my parents and myself and said that I had a great voice and something unique. I took it as a compliment but didn’t progress on it, as I didn’t understand how the music world works.

 I was busy trying to fit in at secondary school, and make new friends, and also trying to figure out how to apply makeup.

Anyway fast-forwarding to the age of fifteen to when I had a boyfriend, and that’s when feelings started. There were Many Ups and downs; I didn’t want to speak to my parents or anybody about how I was feeling, so that’s when I turned to songwriting again.

This time it was proper songwriting – songs that had emotional content behind them, songs that told a story. However, at that age, I still didn’t think of singing as a career, lots of my friends asked if I was going to do music college or Brit school, but I didn’t believe I was any good enough for it.

Instead, I went to college to do events and management course, but that didn’t work out. I didn’t like the class or the environment; I felt very out of place. I moved to a different college, but at that point, I could only do one day a week course there.

My real pushing point to where I am now was after finishing my college course and getting a different Job in retail. I was singing a song that I wrote when my mum walked in and heard it, and she said it was a  good song, and I should think about pursuing singing.

I then actually decided to sing to my parents all my songs, that’s when it started. I then started singing in front of my whole family so my parents, my brothers and my grandparents and uncles and aunties could all hear.

My uncle is a very straight forward guy and gives his honest opinion, and I was nervous to listen to him, in case I wasn’t good enough or if I wasn’t as good as my parents were making me out to be.

He told me he believed that I actually have a ‘voice’ and a unique ‘something’ and that he was impressed, and I should do something with it. I felt like I had the support and confidence I needed to go and get one of my songs recorded, which I did.

However, it took a long time, and I was working five days a week at a job I found stressful, though I got on well with most of my colleagues. My confidence plummeted, and in the end, I decided to leave and take a break.

That made me focus hard on my music, and I felt my job had pushed me down when I didn’t deserve to be down. So I decided to rise back up and overcome my fear of being accepted and feeling like my music sing good enough.

I want to believe that my confidence in myself has defiantly risen since tho, as soon as I left, I felt free. I got a dog who has helped me through all my anxiety.

I then did some research with the help of my very supportive parents into what type of voice and what category my music would fall under if it becomes successful. I decided that it falls under “Indie Folk Music” and I love it.

I feel like I belong with my music and that I am passionate and proud to be taking this path. My big dream would be to be on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. I watch it every year with my parents and always think about how incredible it would be to perform on his show.

Even if I don’t become successful, at least I have tried rather than look back and regret that I didn’t. If you think you have something, take it! Don’t give up, and don’t let anyone tell you; you’re not good enough.

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Harmony single is out now on: https://harmonym.hearnow.com/