Don’t be pushed into anything that makes you feel uncomfortable:

Finding a life partner, so don’t settle just because you are lonely or you cannot be by yourself.

You don’t have to settle down until you are ready to and never compromise your principles either. The right person will come along when you at least expect it.

This is your life, and you’re decisions. If someone doesn’t intrigue your mind and you don’t feel like you are on the same wavelength then don’t waste your time.

We all dream all living happily ever after but this doesn’t always come in the way we have planned it. Just because you are on your own, it doesn’t mean your unhappy.

When you have been on your own along time, I think you get self-sufficient. Some people think of “ being alone” as a bad thing.

I think once you learn to be alone, you find out who you are as a person and especially if you have always been in relationships. 

When meeting someone new remember, both parties are usually on their best behaviour in the first few weeks and that when personalities and traits start to show. 

If someone is saying something bad or is saying something and it is off, and this isn’t sitting right with you, this is telling you everything about this person.

Never be rushed into anything if he/she is pushing you to move in very early on in the relationship and to make decisions or they trying to tell you what to wear or how they want your hair, then is a major red flag.

If things are not adding up and the stories keep changing things are only going to get worst from this point. Don’t let anyone make you doubt your self-confidence and self-worth. 

Living by yourself and being on your own will teach you all your strengths, weaknesses, motivations and behaviours, you will get to know the real you and what you want out of life.

I honestly think everyone should live by themselves just once in their life it can be liberating and such a learning curve.

When you are ready to be in a relationship again, just remember if you don’t love yourself, then it is harder to give and receive love.

You want to be attracting a like-minded person who is on the same wavelength as you and wants the same things out of life. When you want a relationship to deepen your growth rather than to fill a void, then you are ready.

When both people know what they want from a relationship and feel comfortable expressing their needs, and feelings, it can increase trust and strengthen the bond between you.

So if you are ready to start dating… get out there but remember the qualities you are looking for in a partner? Thinking about at least five qualities could start you off in the right direction.