Detoxing the bedroom

If you’re going to detox any room in your house, I would start with your bedroom, and what you are sleeping on, a lot of us do not realise the exposure to the toxic chemicals we sleep on.

These VOCs come mainly from the polyurethane used in the mattress, but also from other chemicals used in flame retardants and plastics.

When looking for an organic mattress, look for organic cotton and read about what you are buying and make sure it has been certified organic materials in it.

Cotton is a pure, natural material, and this means that when woven into bedding set, it makes the material breathable at night.

Polyester is a synthetic fibre; it does not absorb water, enabling it to trap heat in hot environments, which can make sweaty and uncomfortable nights.

Cotton is made from the natural fibres of cotton plants, cotton is primarily composed of cellulose, an insoluble organic compound and fluffy.

When looking for duvets and pillows, choose organic and fair-trade cotton for breathability. Yes, you might pay a little more for organic bedding, but at least you know they are all toxin-free.

Many people suffer from head sweating and wake up with a damp head and a wet pillow. To help reduce it switch to cotton pillows as the material will allow your head to breath.

Heavily weighted duvets help you to get off to sleep by pushing downwards. This process, known as ‘earthing’ or “grounding,” and can help with anxiety.

Cotton curtains are better for your bedroom they are lighter and breathable…yes they are thinner than other materials and let more light through but are so much airier.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, the environment we sleep in has a pretty significant impact on our overall health.

Make your bedroom a toxic-free zone and feel the benefits. Your bedroom is our sacred space what can affect our mood and sense of well being. Your bedroom should always be a place of calm.