Do you believe in Angels?  I think many of us have encountered an experience with a guarding angel once in our lives. Near-death experiences are full of encounters with angels.  

Often, Angels are described as chubby babies with little wings, or beautiful woman with feathered wings. 


According to some beliefs, everyone one of us has a guarding angel from the moment we’re are born until the moment we die. Even in ancient books, there is a reference to angels in most of them.


If when you need help and you believe in a higher being it is said that all you have to do is ask for their assistance and they will be there for you. If you have had a loved one that has passed over, do you talk out loud to them or can you feel there presence around you?.


Don’t just ask for help when you need it! Chat out loud, as silly as it might seem there are no limitations in the spirit world. Chat about your concerns and goals and dreams and the more you have conversations with them, the more they can help as it builds up a better connection with them all.


Do you ever find that things happen around you or items have been moved… that is them giving you signs that they are around. Sometimes you can be sitting there, and you get shivers or goosebumps.. maybe you have been thinking about a loved one or been talking about them, this is them letting you know they are close.


Angels love sending us feathers, and it’s a sign from a loved one in the spirit world. Quite often I have heard people saying they woke up and found a feather on their bed or in the car and they can’t explain it.


If you are not sure or have doubts whatsoever about communicating with the angels, just try talking and asking them to help you and then remain open. 


Archangel Michael appeared in the 4th century when he was first seen as a healing angel, then over time as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil.


Michael is a strong angel who protects people and is powerfully concerned about truth and justice. When you are dealing with a crisis, Archangel Michael is the angel you summon to talk to for help.


Angels visit all people when they die, and also a lot of people have reported shortly before their deaths that they have experienced visions of angels appearing to them to help them Passover to heaven.


Whenever angels appear they are meant to be radiant and come with a bright light and their presence is beaming out love. Here are some signs that spirits have been visiting you:


You will get a ringing in your ears

Repeating numbers ..alarm clock..number plates

The feeling that someone is in the room with you


Seeing something out the corner of your eye

An unexpected blue flash of light 

Hearing your name 

The sudden smell of perfume a loved one used to wear

A change in the room temperature


All of us have spirit guides looking after us, the spirits around you may manifest through tingling sensation on top of your head, through your pets, or even a combination of all of these.


 They also give us warning signs of impending danger or warnings when we need to pay better attention to what is going on around us. 


Do you ever experience that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach… this is the area of your body where your solar plexus is. This area is particularly sensitive, and your angels will send you sensations to this area to warn you when things are quite not right, its also known as a gut feeling).


These type of warnings are not meant to scare you, so don’t freak out. So many people don’t believe in angels and spirits and that ok, its everyone’s own right what they choose to believe in.


A friend shared a story with me regarding angels and how they warned her for over the space of a week. This lady was a few months pregnant, and it was a much-wanted baby after a complicated struggle with many operations and IVF she fell pregnant naturally.


 After already having a scan to check everything was ok she carried on with normal life but one night was woken by loud music like angelic music playing, and this was in the middle of the night! After checking the radio in the kitchen and finding it not on she got back into bed. 


The next day feeling baffled about the music what woke her in the night she questioned herself thinking did she dream it. A few nights later the same thing happened again, being a spiritual person and this time not questioning what she heard she began to think was it a warning did it concern the baby.


 A few days later this lady managed to get booked in for another scan only to be told the baby heartbeat had stopped, as heartbreaking as it was for a very long time in time her pain softened. Still, she will never forget that experience and what she heard.


A lot of us turn to see a medium after a loved one has passed for comfort, to know they are alright, but you have to be careful who you see so always go on recommendation. 

There are many reasons why people believe in mediums and many reasons why people don’t believe in mediums. People against mediums believe that the medium gets information about them before the reading.


When you start looking ask around your friends as this is probably the best way to find a medium through word of mouth.