Music is good for our well being, both physically and mentally. When we hear a good tune, it boosts feelings of happiness and having a good dance around your lounge never hurt anyone.

BBC Radio 5 Live was telling people “You should wash your hands with soap and hot water for as long as you’re singing either ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘God Save The Queen.” But I’m sure singing along to any song of your choice will still be sufficient enough to combat germs.

Music takes 13 minutes to ‘release sadness’ and 9 to make you happy, according to new studies.
I am a firm believer that music heals and can help us focus, and relax us more. Music is essential for health and wellbeing.  I listen to mediation to calm me down before bedtime and to help me sleep and this is part of my daily routine as it is for I’m sure a lot of people out there.


Morning exercise and finding that perfect uplifting song automatically releases a chemical in your brain to lift your mood, and we all know exercise can help with depression. While we are all in isolation, this is the best time to listen to old albums or make up a playlist of feel-good music.

Research shows that listening to music releases certain chemicals in the brain. Dopamine, a “feel-good hormone” is released every time you listen to music you like. Not everyone is going to have the same taste in music, but that’s is what makes us all unique.

Music has an energising effect, so your mood naturally improves. Below are a few reasons why you should be listening to music daily:

It reduces stress

It stimulates memories

It increases workout endurance.

It eases pain

It removes symptoms of depression.

Music is so powerful and can help you express your emotions without you having to show them. Music is everywhere and its what makes the world go round for the better. Everyone listens to music, and it’s in everyone’s hearts, music is life. Below are five good feel songs:

Man! I feel like a woman – Shania Twain.

Whiskey Lullaby – Alison Krauss

Good Time – Alan Jackson

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd skyward

Simple – Florida Georgia Line

Days Go By – Keith urban.

Good Love – The Adelaides

I think no matter what your taste is, music inspires us and gets us through the day. We all have them songs what can take us back to a specific time, some even when you went through good or bad adventures… a straightforward song can trigger a thousand memories.

Some studies are now showing patients with Alzheimer’s, and Dementia can often remember songs and specific song lyrics. Specialists are now using music to help patients retrieve lost memories. Music affects so many parts of the brain; it touches areas that may not have been damaged by the disease and brings those pathways to the forefront.

Patients with anxiety and depression are often less agitated and appear calmer. The music transports them to a much happier place in their minds. Listening to music decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which counteracts the effects of chronic stress… To stay calm and healthy during all this coronavirus lockdown, turn on your favourite playlist and let the happy hormones in.

Today we are sharing a song from Brian Mackey called “Keep The World Alive.”
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Keep The World Alive Song is now available on Itunes and Spotify