The best nail care tips, so many of us get fed up with chips and unwanted cracks after painting our nails. Here are some tips below to prevent it:

Take a nail brush to clean underneath your nails to get rid of any dirt under the nails. Use a scrub and exfoliate your cuticles and push them back to give yourself a longer nail to work with.

You need to be regular filing your nails to stop them from breaking and splitting. Always start with a clear base coat as this will help you achieve longer-lasting results.

Choose your desired colour and paint on two coats, once dried apply a top coat as this will help the colour last without cracking.

If your hands and nails are always dry invest in some good moisturiser to help get your nails stronger.

We all own that bottle of nail polish what is old and clumpy, so a little trick just add a little nail polish remover into the polish bottle to thin it out, and it will be as good as new to use again.

If you have short nails, then dark and solid colours should be your go-to options, as the darker colours will make your nails appear longer. The best shape to stick to is square and round shapes.

The best style for short fingers is to stick to having rounded nails as this will make your fingers look longer.

To get an elegant look on long fingers, go for square nails as they will be giving the illusion your hands are a bit wider.

The best colours for long fingers are fleshy pinks and bright reds and purples.

How to keep your feet and toes looking beautiful all year round, invest in a foot spa, as its a lot cheaper than going to a nail salon. If you have a spare bowl at home big enough for your feet to soak in then try that.

Soak your feet in warm water as this reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation, bringing congested blood to the dilated vessels in the feet and lower legs. Soaking your feet may feel smoothing but don’t soak for longer than ten minutes, and your feet shouldn’t shrivel.

You can get so many foot soaks on amazon, ones with Tea Tree & Peppermint are freshening for your feet. You will need a pumice stone or a foot file to remove any dead skin it should all come off easy as the warm water softens it all up.

Moistures your feet after you have dried them and especially between your toes if your skin is dry to prevent it from cracking and improve its texture.

Now you are ready to paint your toenails, dark colours will make your toes look stubbier, and the nail looks smaller. Use a polish what is closer to your skin tone. If you have pale skin, a pale pink or nude won’t look right, so go for something a little brighter.

There is nothing wrong in self-care, and self-care is about looking after yourself a healthy way. A little pamper session in keeping your nails looking good has never hurt anyone. Self-care is essential as it produces positive feelings and boosts confidence and self-esteem. Also, self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are crucial.

Self-care relies on increased self- awareness, which can benefit people who are living with mental illness. Practising self-awareness can help you to recognise patterns in your emotions.