Living with mental health isn’t easy on the best of days, and especially with the coronavirus hitting globally. You can’t control having a mental illness, but you can help with how you respond to it.

Learning coping techniques can help you feel better emotionally, but it takes strength and
persistence every day to keep fighting symptoms in the hope of feeling better.

Try These breathing tips below:

Deep breathing when you feel an anxiety attack is coming, learning to breath increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

When you are feeling emotional, any kind of breathing will be helpful when you are caught up in a storm of emotion. Take a few long slow deep breaths in through your nose and then exhale through your mouth.

People joke about mediation all the time, but until you have tried it, don’t knock it! Meditation and breathing practices have been shown to rebuild and support and strengthen the nervous system.


When you start with meditation, try for at least twenty minutes a day, to begin with, and for your position, whether it is lying down or sitting up as long as you are comfortable, that’s all that matters.

The key to mediation is to keep your mind on the present moment, not in the past. This is your time to relax. Focus your mind on your breathing, if you don’t like to meditate in silence, then look on youtube for mediation with music.

You can meditate at any time of the day, and you will find out what is best for you. It’s actually known that many years ago that Monks would mediate in the darkness to acquire clarity and wisdom.

We all feel lonely from time to time. Feelings of loneliness are personal, so everyone’s experience of solitude will be different. Now we are all in isolation, and not getting any social contact can trigger more issues.

If you are on your own and have access to the internet join different organizations that you are interested in as they have chat rooms.

There are millions of people who feel the same way. This normal emotion is what almost everyone thinks at some point.


Exercising helps with mental health by releasing chemicals like serotonin that improves your mood and reduces your stress and help with mental health.

Try and start by doing some exercises indoors or if you have a garden even better.

All you can do is put one foot in front of the other, and if you have got up, brushed your teeth, washed, and got dressed, then you have overcome one obstacle of the day, so keep going.