Where do superstitions come from? So superstitions are a belief or practice that people cling to.

It up to you what you Believe in at the end of the day. Most of us get freaked out by Friday 13th or crossing paths with a black cat, and why do we say “bless you” when someone sneezes? These are all common superstitions that date back centuries.

I always get confused with the itchy palm or itchy foot because there are so many variations on this superstition. Still, here it is after much research it is believed if your right palm is itchy, then you will be meeting someone new, and if its the left palm, then you will be parting with money.

Opening up an umbrella in an indoor space seems like common sense not to do this, but it may signify impending death or ill fortune for the person who opened it.

How many of us spill salt over our shoulder if we spill it, I for one, am guilty as charged on this one, One superstition that if it spills you then throw over your shoulder, it then wards off evil spirits they want to cause you misfortune.

So for all the cat lovers out this made me hard to swallow but it was though many years ago that witches kept black cats for companions, so if one crosses your path its bad luck, I believe the opposite and think of them as good luck and the same with Friday the 13th.

When someone sneezes next time they are near you, and you say “bless you,” this is a  superstition that when you are saying this, it means you are expelling evil spirits at the same time, the list is endless with sneezing and so many superstitions on this one.

How many of you on a Sunday play tug of war with the chicken bone and then whoever gets the longest part of the wishbones gets to make a wish, legend has it first-century Romans used to fight over the wishbones so they wouldn’t die in battle and get all the good luck.

People freak out with the numbers 666 as it is the mark of satan and referred to as the number of the beast. This is a superstition that harks back to the bible. When things break or go wrong, I have often found myself saying it comes in three’s, and then when you get to the third thing, you think phew!

Find a penny and pick it up, is it good luck to pick up a penny? In spiritual meaning, it means finding money is a sign of value and love from the spirit world.

We all have our little quirks in our daily routines and maybe not even fully aware of all the superstitions we follow to ensure our life goes the way we want it.

I think we all have them a lucky pair of socks or pants in the cupboard for an interview or a sports game. Having superstitious ways can help us deal with situations that we feel are out of control.

In this way, we are comforted by putting our faith in something. Carrying charms or placing crystals on shelves, wearing certain clothes, and visiting places are all associated with good fortune.