If you are energy sensitive, you can sense the energy from anyone you come into contact with and often taken on the emotions or pain of others. Protect yourself from people who drain you, if they continue to be negative around you and everything is always doom and gloom this can leave you feeling like they have sucked the energy out of us.

Vampire energy suckers is another name for it. Some people will never be happy and will always have something to moan about, but this can play havoc with your life, so you need to know how to protect yourself and distance yourself.


Overcritical, finding fault with about everyone and everything in their lives.

Demanding and persistent, never taking no for an answer and going on till they get their way, guilt-tripping you till you say yes.

Intrusive, show no boundaries to your privacy and needing to know everything that is going on in your life.

They make backhanded comments to undermind your confidence in public.

They create conflict and spoil other friendships and embarrass you in front of others.

They negatively empower you before you know it because you have been down and they creep in as your vibration is low, they know who they can leech on.

Continually talking about others and always seeing the glass half empty.


The harmful nature of energy vampires is not always apparent when you first are friends with them as they are on their best behaviour and not showing you their true colours yet. You will start to pick up on red flags, but usually, by this point, they have sucked you in, and they already know a lot of private information about you.

They start to undermine you or try and take control over some parts of your life and then this puts you on edge, and you begin to worry…dont ignore these feelings as your instincts are kicking in and warning you, these are all signs of an energy vampire.


Once you know you have an energy vampire on your hands, try and limit the amount of time you have contact with them, this will be hard to start with as they are demanding but don’t get pulled in with their drama and keep saying you have other obligations and be firm with what you say.

Usually, after you have got away from this type of person you will find out that they have done it to other people also so don’t feel bad about cutting off this friendship, you had a lucky escape.

Take control of your life, and keep your vibration high, keep meditating to keep the positive energy flowing. Don’t feel bad for cutting off an energy vampire, recharge yourself and surround yourself with happy, positive people and only allow these type of people in your energy space.


Reduce stress

Eat a good diet

Stay hydrated

Avoid alcohol

Get more sleep

Regular exercise

Avoid sugar


Foods to boost your energy:

Sweet potatoes




Fatty fish like salmon or tuna

Brown rice

Dark chocolate



There is an abundance of foods to help boost your energy, whether they are packed with carbs for readily available energy or fibre and protein for a slower release of energy, all these foods above can help increase your power.

How to protect yourself in future from an energy vampire if you pick on the signs early, shield yourself imagine a big white bubble around you that separates you from the world. It is an energy barrier which keeps out negative energy from entering your space; you can do this over and over when you get that feeling so just keep re-enforcing it.

Remember you are responsible for who you allow in your space, and after experiencing the wrong kind of people you will be more aware so just don’t hang out with anybody who is going to pull your vibration down.

Hang around with people who want peace in their life and want to grow and learn. When it comes to your life, you don’t own explanations to anyone so just cut them off. Invest in some Tight Eye crystals as these are good for grounding yourself and give protection against negative energy.