Hi, my name is Matthew Lubien – Vidal. I am a clairvoyant/medium, healer, Reiki Master/teacher practitioner and law of attraction practitioner.
I have been practising for over 30 years as a clairvoyant/medium and tarot reader, and I’ve travelled to some inspirational parts of the world such as Egypt and Israel, to develop my art. I can honestly say that I haven’t been taught by man but have been taught by spirit, which has opened me up to be able to work closer to the creative force.
My first early memory of spirit was from when I was around six years old. My guide then, who is still with me today is called Chief. He is a native American Indian, and it turned out that he is one of my ancestors. Over the years, I learned various aspects of spirituality such as clairvoyance, mediumship and healing and learned to develop different senses that were given to me by the creator.
When I was 19, my Mother passed away and then my father when I was 25. It was then that I really started to re-evaluate myself. I promised to the creator that my life would be in service and throughout that service I would like to help people re-establish themselves with their lost links with their own self and their connection back with the creator. However, I know, understand and respect the fact that many people have no faith, or do not believe in a faith.
In 2009 I suffered a stroke and a heart attack. I was in the hospital for one year. Just before this, I was homeless after separating from my partner. I developed Karnak Holistics two years later to use my knowledge and the knowledge from the different dimensions to support and guide my clients. I work with the higher energies, and my seven guides are all ascended Masters of spirituality. I have been fortunate enough to learn about different belief systems and experience and tap into the various energies which surround those belief systems.
As a Reiki Master and Practitioner Teacher, I have worked with many people either doing one-to-one healing or distant healing, and I have been blessed seeing the results for these people I have worked with. I have seen results from healing using any of the techniques I choose, whether that be by using my hands, my mind or my words. They can all be equally as powerful. I have worked with people who are dying from cancer, people who have suffered from strokes and many other severe illnesses. At times the healing is not to make someone well physically, but to help them peacefully accept their passing to the other world.
When I see a client for a tarot reading, they can cover a variety of subjects and can ask many questions to which they seek the answer. It is my job, along with the support of my advisors to help that client to find the answers. When I’m doing mediumship, I am helping them to find peace with themselves when their loved ones have passed over.
In my experience, many people who walk this line or wish to walk in the spiritual life think it’s an easy road. It is a blessed road and can be very rewarding and please don’t get me wrong, but it can also be very challenging.
Blessings to you all from the eternal flame, keep shining and stay blessed.
Matt Lubien-Vidal

You can follow Matthew on Twitter: @Mattlubienvidal

Instagram: Karnak_holistics