My Cancer Story

23rd February 2019 is a day I will never forget…my life turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.

I was having symptoms from July 2018 and  I finally plucked up the courage to go to the doctors in November 2018. I eventually got referred for an endoscopy and it was that day I got the diagnosis.

My daughter and I were sat there listening to the doctors and specialists go through everything, and it now feels like a total blur.

I was told I had a 2-inch tumour that was contained within the bowel which needed to be removed and then to discuss whether chemotherapy was required.

19th march 2019… operation day.
I am not good with hospitals and the panic of not waking up frightened me. They measured me up with a potential stoma bag. I was laughing and joking with the doctors and nurses (this is how I deal with it), and I was all set up for surgery. After 7 hour surgery, I was back in recovery. I do not remember my family standing over my bed talking to me afterwards, only slight flashbacks. My surgeon came to see me the next day to tell me the tumour was actually 5 inches and had started to make its way around the colon. But amazing news…


So how have I dealt with this??

From the onset, I resigned myself to fighting the BIG C, especially as my wife had been through the same disease. Being positive is the key even though you have dark days. Mindset is everything.
Being thankful for what you have in life. The love and support of my family and friends pushed me and spurred me on to beat this terrible disease that destroys families.

For many years I have followed the Buddhist way. I am a very spiritual person, and this has helped me tremendously while dealing with everything. I even broke my humerus in half, which may I add isn’t funny! Very painful, in fact. So not only dealing with a life-changing disease I was dealing with a painful injury on top.

The key for me was a positive mind. I believe that this brought me out of the other side and helped me with the dark days.

I love to help others, which I have always done and even more so during my illness. I am a massive campaigner for mental health awareness as I have lost many friends due to varied reasons, and now myself, I am being treated for PTSD, which is a whole other story.

You can find me on Instagram where my inbox is always open for a chat. I want to change the stigma of social media being a dark place. It can also be a positive place and has helped me a lot.


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