After trying to find a way to ‘cure’ myself from anxiety, depression and worry, I looked into personal development which lead me down the rabbit hole. This led me to stop taking drugs, abusing alcohol and getting a clean mind/body. It hasn’t been easy at all, and my motto was always’ in 5 years. I will be five years older, will have five years experience/wisdom or just five more years of screw-ups?

I have been told I’d amount to nothing, or I’m too young to do what I do. Adversity makes us grow at a rapid rate. After my dad attacked my mum and I went completely broke, broken and weak.

I had a choice to stay in the victim role of why I and that is precisely what I said. After the physical, mental and spiritual growth, I started to be grateful for the little things, I had air in my lungs, legs that could carry me wherever I wanted and a warm home (only just). When I started, I started to be grateful for the little things; more came to me.

Eventually, I came across hypnotherapy, which I use on myself daily to claim to limit beliefs, struggles, worries and even anxiety for good. Once I changed my life and looked at how I could change the lives of others. I  have seen a dramatic change in the lives of those who I have worked with. This is only the start ( 5 years from the decision I made, to change my life).

Awakening and growth are not easy. I am still waking and growing daily and will continue until the day I die. What is truly meant for you will not pass you if you stay on the right path. I live by this quote and have it tattooed on me.

My mission is to create a movement of happy and fulfilled people…you deserve this, and I will help you. One thing I have taken away from mentors in the past is; assess your circle, assess your choices/actions and then assess your situation. If you aren’t where you want to change your circle and your actions and watch your life change. If you want to speed up the process, find me on social media @Maxim111 …. Keep spreading the love and kindness.

Hypnotherapist Max Hindle

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