As a Decluttering expert Positive Lifestyle is here to give you as many tips and advice on decluttering. I have some simple rules to stick by, and you cannot go wrong.

If you have not worn anything in 6 month’s donate to a charity shop or if you have not used an item in 6 month’s give away again, you do not need two of everything either. Over the years I have decluttered so many houses, and offices so picked up lots of tips along the way.

I know in the beginning it can be overwhelming but as long as you stay positive with the right approach and are actually willing to part with items you will be well on your way to a much better Positive lifestyle with a decluttered property. You need to set goals and start off with one room at a time get yourself some empty boxes or bags and decide what is going and what is staying so you are creating a sorting system, rope in a friend to help for support if you know you are going to find it particularly hard with some items.

Keep every room clear of trash keep the sides clear so easy to wipe down organise your kitchen, so it only has kitchen items in it. Keep all reading material to the lounge on a book shelve they don’t need to be over the kitchen sides. Declutter the bathroom by cleaning out all the draws, no one actually uses six bottles of moisturiser’s, invest in a waste paper bin, so rubbish is not left on the side. In my house, I actually have a soap dispenser on the wall along with the toothbrushes, so nothing is on the window ledges cluttering it up and a unit under the sink for the toilet rolls, no matter how big or little your budget all this can be done. 

Often people feel anxious about starting this journey but trust me once you start your be passing your tips on to others. In the long run, think about it you will have less to clean, and you never know it might become a fun chore and you will notice more space and will not have to be moving things out the way. If you start off doing an hour at a time when decluttering and remember to take images before and an after to show how far you have come. It doesn’t matter if your house is big or small or even a flat anything and everything can be organised if you put your mind to it.

 Amazon is great for buying what you need at affordable prices. When you find yourself overwhelmed by your possessions and tied down, it usually means you are ready to start making a change. I will be adding more Positive Lifestyle tips on everything to do with the house as time goes on and also the best products to use without having chemicals in the house. Having a minimalist home will leave you with less stress, less debt because you won’t be buying more materials items and more financial freedom. 

Clutter attracts dust, dirt, and even mould. Over time, clutter can impact the air quality in a room, and make it both stuffy and warm. Decluttering can make you happy not only by improving your mental health but also improving your overall physical health. A messy home can make you more susceptible to stress and anxiety. While keeping on top of it can be time-consuming I’m sure once you get started on removing all clutter, you will reap the benefits of being organised and won’t look back. You have to start decluttering somewhere so good luck with the journey.