So I am now up for anything that involves alternative therapies. After trying many medications that have terrible side effects, you are safe to say if it doesn’t include a tablet, I give it a try. So I came across the Goop Lab on Netflix, the owner of Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow and her, and her team look into alternative therapies challenging wellness topics. I love anything like this and all for alternative health. Usually, when someone doesn’t understand something, it gets slates. So if you haven’t experienced something, how can you judge it. One episode showed an Energy practitioner, my mind was quite blown away by watching this episode, and I found it fascinating. If you suffer from chronic pain and get to the point where medications can only do so much for you surely trying anything can benefit. So I found his Instagram account, and he was offering a seven-day challenge on how to use the energy flow formula to take yourself from fight-or-flight to flow. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, his breathing techniques in the video below are a great way of calming the nervous system back down. I carried out the challenge and felt calm and relaxed and felt a lot of tingling after each session. Day 1 was about Connecting to your life force energy through breathing, movement, and visualisation. Connecting to life force energy can help you find safety and comfort in your body. Increase your sense of vitality & aliveness and feel more grounded at the moment. Day 2: Express your emotional energy, release tension that you haven’t been able to shake. Express severe feelings that not did have an outlet. Day 3: Focus your lower mind energy, focus your mind on knowing what you want or don’t want. Set and hold boundaries.

Day 4: Expand your heart energy, feel more compassion. Open up to receive more intuition and wisdom. Day 5: Elevate your higher mind energy, build up the strength to optimise, and take things to the next level. Get yourself ready for whatever is next in your life. Day 6: Embrace your soul energy, experience and grow gratitude. Feel more trust and peace within. Open up to higher dimensions of consciousness—day 7: Access infinite energy, experience more synchronicity. Surrender to and celebrate the perfect imperfection of life. So basically, the tension in our bodies is just bound up energy that isn’t able to move freely through our bodies because we are gripped in a fight-or-flight. Our bodies don’t have the energy they are energy. Flow is what happens when you harness that energy. Before you watch, the videos have an open mind and find a place that is quiet where you are not going to be disturbed for 30 minutes. If you can’t lay down just sit in a chair and keep your feet on the ground, you can practise the techniques every day, and in time it will get better and better. Breathing exercises can help you manage stress and help you relax. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower pressure in the body. To help with anxiety limiting your caffeine intake and avoiding alcohol. There are so many mix reactions, and you going to get this with alternative therapies. You have nothing to lose by trying the mediation videos and clearing out old energy and if it helps de-stress for just a few minutes out of the day its a bonus. The key to getting the most out of trying something new is to have an open mind and if this works and helps you then fantastic. If you have haven’t tried anything like this before it might be bizarre but what have you go to lose by trying it.

Before you judge this watch the episode on Netflix, it isn’t quite as noisy as the clip above, and it isn’t an exorcism.