Mark Jason Williams – Actor – Guest Post

While I was in junior school during the 1980s, we used to watch an educational programme called Look and read in which series of episodes of a story would be played each week on a Wednesday.

We would get worksheets related to that story. During my break time, I would act the story out that I had just seen with my friends and direct the whole thing. My teachers would recommend to my parents that I should go into acting due to the passion I was putting into my performance.

So, I took up acting classes and took part in several school plays. Fast forward a few years, and I got my first agent and started appearing in many different television productions from London’s burning to Eastenders.

After ten years, I had no real break in the business money-wise and decided to pursue other avenues of work and experience a different kind of life. Now in my forty’s I had gone back to my original passion and got back into the acting game, which is a whole lot different it was when I first started.

I can say it a lot easier now than before because of social media and the internet. It is a great tool to find acting jobs and promote yourself. I always say its never too late to follow your dreams and make a fresh start in life.

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