There is an old adage that says: “Moms always right”. Is it true? I’m not sure, most mothers would have you believe that it is. In my case, it tends to hold true (I begrudgingly admit). I should elaborate as to why I say this before I go any further.

My life has been truly blessed in every way possible. I am happy, healthy, I have love and I am loved. There is one thing that was and, in some ways, still is missing a career, a job, a PASSION! I woke up one day feeling like something was off.

I felt like I was meant to do something more. I currently have a job. A great job in fact but it’s not what drives me. It’s not my PASSION. It pays the bills and puts food on the table so I do it. But I want more from my professional life.

I want it to be not just “what I do” but a part of “who I am”. So how does this all get back to “Moms always right” adage that I mentioned before? Well, it ties back into my morning epiphany. 

When I was about 11 years old my mother enrolled me into acting and modelling classes. She did this because while I had been on vacation the summer of my eleventh birthday my Grandmother had been approached by an agent about signing yours truly.

Both thought it would be a good idea and I was quickly signed to an agency close to my home. So, every Saturday for a year my mother and I would drive (dragged me) into the city so I could take acting, runway and print, modelling  classes. I wanted nothing to do with these classes. At 11 years old all I wanted to do on a Saturday was to play video games or play sports with my friends. I soon finished the classes and was released into the wild of child acting/modelling.

I was now 12 and I had grown about a foot, I was skinny, I had acne, I was self-conscious and awkward. I had two auditions. The second was my last (I had to pretend to smoke a cigarette for an anti-smoking ad). I told my mother I had had enough.  She reluctantly agreed and that was that or so I thought…

Well, how does this all relate to the adage of moms being right and the morning epiphany you had you ask? Getting there back-off, Rome wasn’t built in a day, geez (this last paragraph should wrap it up FYI)! With-in about a month of my morning epiphany I get a text message from my mother: “Hey saw this ad on Facebook, casting agency looking for hockey players for a TV commercial.” I sort of laughed it off at first.

Then the idea of it sank in. “What harm could it do if I submitted?” “They’ll never call me in any way it’s 11 o’clock at night anyway it’s too late. SEND, SUBMIT.” Wake-up the next morning. An email is in my inbox waiting for me saying that the casting agency wants me to come in and audition! I went, I was nervous, anxious and EXCITED! I didn’t get the part but I was hooked! I went on to submit to do some back groundwork for “Little Women”. I spent three days on set and loved it.

I now had my dream. I want to be an actor. Since that initial submission, I have since signed with a talent agency and have gone on several auditions. You’re probably wondering: “what have I seen you in?” “I bet you’ve booked a million gigs. You’re soooo funny.” To answer your questions: nothing and nope…. 

This isn’t a success story this is a tale about not closing the door on anything, never giving up and not taking “NO” for an answer (OK I lied one more paragraph). No, I haven’t booked anything yet but each rejection only motivates me more to succeed! The collective beat down that my ego receives after every audition should have made me want to run home and call my mommy.

Strangely every rejection that I have received has made me want this more! I can’t explain it all I know is I want this and I’ll stop and nothing to see that the dream becomes a reality. Don’t stop, don’t quit, keep pushing (OK now I’m done, way to hang in there)!

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