The ocean has a calming effect,  especially for meditation, being in this relaxed state has similar effects to mindfulness, which is also known to lower stress levels and anxiety and improve mood. We believe in meditation here at Positive Lifestyle, and it actually changes people’s lives for the better. Less stress translates to less anxiety and promotes good emotional health. You will find that it enhances self-Awareness and Lengthens your attention span.

So many times before I started to meditate myself, people told me to try it, and I never listened, but boy did I wish I started sooner!

I have always had sleeping issues, and you name it, I have tried it, but now I use meditation to get off to sleep every night, and if I need to de-stress during the day, I can take myself off for a few minutes and shut out the world out.

Heat therapy increases blood flow, raises the temperature of deep tissues and makes muscles more flexible. When blood flow is increased, more nutrients can reach the injured area, helping it to heal.

The ocean air has health benefits too. The negative ions in the sea air accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen and balance your serotonin levels, a body chemical linked to stress and mood. This is why you feel energised after being in the sun and also breathing in the sea air. Check out Jason Stephenson Guided Mediation on YouTube